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SprachDuo will close its doors on April 30, 2021

It has been more than 20 years since SprachDuo started out. We look back on a very exciting history, but now it is time to say goodbye. Unfortunately, SprachDuo can no longer be operated as there is a lack of time and resources. It will be shut down on April 30th. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank AEGEE Munich for the many years of loyal support! The local events of the same name of the SprachDUO round tables—as they are organized by some antennas—are not affected by the deactivation of this service. Please inform yourself accordingly at your local AEGEE antenna.

Do not be desperate that you will no longer be able to find a language partner. There are many alternatives for finding a tandem. The non-profit project VHS-Tandem of the Hamburger Volkshochschule offers a simple search for language partners within Germany. also covers the German-speaking countries as well as Denmark, Great Britain and the USA. is a very cool international service for tandem search, which also offers an app with partly chargeable functions that support you in language learning. It is definitely worth a look! There are also older websites such as Language.Exchange and for the search for language partners, which may look a bit out of date in terms of the user interface, but are still in operation. These offer a much larger range of countries and languages, so that speakers from smaller countries and with fewer speakers could also find a partner to practice with.


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