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What are the goals of SprachDuo?

Our goal is to connect people of different countries, cultures and languages. Especially we target those who lives abroad. So native speakers of a foreign languages who want to learn language of their new country where they live in. And also people who want to learn a foreign language in their country, because they love this language and want to practice it during an exchange.

Why a language tandem?

Learning a foreign language is exciting and rewarding! There are countless possibilities such as courses, media and applications to learn a foreign language up to a certain level. But without active practice one often reaches a level that can not be overcome without a foreign language environment. Luckily we live in a multicultural world! If a trip to the land of beloved language is not possible, you can find a lot of interesting people from other countries at SprachDuo. They share the same interest with you: they want to learn or improve a foreign language!

A language tandem is not firmly defined. The only provision is the bilingual dialogue. How, where and when you design this with your language partner is entirely up to your imagination. SprachDuo offers you the first contact!

How it works?

For registration at SprachDuo you need to enter minimal data, like your name, city of residence, e-mail address and tiny description of your interests and language preferences, and of course the target language for exchange. That’s it! The way how we handle your personal data, you can figure out in our privacy statement

SprachDuo is very easy! It just gives a possibility to find and contact via a ping language partner (also known as tandem) in your city of residence for language exchange. We provide you only the first contact! Not more! You can find a language tandem or be found by one. The rest of language activities will have to happen in your responsibility ;) Do what you want to do and enjoy speaking a foreign language in your favourite place or maybe just online.

What is a ping?

At SprachDuo we call pings short messages that you send to make the first contact with an interesting language partner. The term is known from the technical networks to check the availability of a computer. We have been inspired by this term because SprachDuo does build anything but a personal network with new language tandems.

What is AEGEE?

AEGEE is Europe's largest cross-faculty student network and acts as a European non-profit organization. Their are "striving for a democratic, diverse and borderless Europe. As a non-governmental, politically independent, and non-profit organisation AEGEE is open to students and young people from all faculties and disciplines."

Among other things, AEGEE also supports various foreign language activities, such as SprachDuo by AEGEE Munich.

What is an antenna?

The term antenna was coined by AEGEE as it has a distributed organization structure. In different cities of Europe the students join together to form antennas. In SprachDuo we use the term antenna synonymous to a city in which you live and register for our non-profit service. Also, the list of cities at SprachDuo do not coincide with the list of AEGEE antennas.

Why should I subscribe to local AEGEE news?

On registration we always recommend subscribing for AEGEE's local newsletter. This is where the concept of antennas starts now. Depending on how active AEGEE is in your city, its members will inform you about international and foreign language events. You can also get to know a language tandem there as well.

What are SprachDuo meetups?

In every city you can find a lot of language activities. A good possibility to practice a foreign language are language exchange meetings. We call it “SprachDuo Stammtisch” in Munich, where SprachDuo was created. It’s a kind of meetup or regulars’ table. These meetups are organized by non-profit European organization AEGEE. It’s very recommendable and funny!

Also local AEGEE group of your city organizes a lot of other language activities, e.g. language parties, trips etc. Perfect opportunity to meet new people. Just check out, whether there is AEGEE group in your place! If you want, they will also inform you about such activities, when you enables local AEGEE newsletter in your profile

Why cannot I find my profile in the search?

Do not be confused by the fact that you can not find your profile in the language partner search. We hide your own profile in the search because you would not normally seek for yourself as a language tandem. If you want to see how your profile looks like to other SprachDuo users, then switch to your account via the menu and save it again. You will see a preview.

Which of my profile data are publicly visible?

If you have found the profile preview from the last question, then you can see exactly what data a registered language learner would see about you.

For non-registered users, we only show your image with the language information and your city. Your real name will be hidden for outsiders.

How can I see when a SprachDuo user was online last time?

Basically we don't show the time of last login of SprachDuo users. On the one hand it is questionable for the sake of privacy and on the other hand it raises the communication threshold. Why should a user who has not been online for a month not respond to your ping?

Nevertheless, you can identify active users by the search for the language partners. The search results are always sorted by the date of the last login. So If you log in often, you will often appear on first position.

How can I save contacts?

For saving interesting language partners, use the checkbox icon in the language tandem search. People marked this way are displayed under favourites. Also people, whom you sent a ping, will automatically added as favourites.

How can I delete my profile at SprachDuo?

It is very regrettable that you want to delete your profile. Here is the short guide:

  • Log in
  • Go to profile via figure-icon
  • Scroll down and click on "Cancel account" and confirm
  • Do not log out
  • Now you will receive an email with a confirmation link
  • Click the confirmation link and confirm the last time on the loaded page
  • Please send us feedback, why you deleted your account


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