About SprachDuo

Goals of SprachDuo

Our goal is to connect people of different countries, cultures and languages. Especially we target those who lives abroad. So native speakers of a foreign languages who want to learn language of their new country where they live in. And also people who want to learn a foreign language in their country, because they love this language and want to practice it during an exchange.

How it works

For registration at SprachDuo you need to enter minimal data, like your name, city of residence, e-mail address and tiny description of your interests and language preferences, and of course the target language for exchange. That’s it! The way how we handle your personal data, you can figure out in our privacy statement

SprachDuo is very easy! It just gives a possibility to find and contact language partner (also known as tandem) in your city of residence for language exchange. We provide you only the first contact! Not more! You can find a language tandem or be found by one. The rest of language activities will have to happen in your responsibility ;) Do what you want to do and enjoy speaking a foreign language in your favourite place or maybe just online.

SprachDuo meetups

In every city you can find a lot of language activities. A good possibility to practice a foreign language are language exchange meetings. We call it “SprachDuo Stammtisch” in Munich, where SprachDuo was created. It’s a kind of meetup or regulars’ table. These meetups are organized by non-profit European organization AEGEE. It’s very recommendable and funny!

Also local AEGEE group of your city organizes a lot of other language activities, e.g. language parties, trips etc. Perfect opportunity to meet new people. Just check out, whether there is AEGEE group in your place! If you want, they will also inform you about such activities, when you enables local AEGEE newsletter in your profile